Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kojie San Lightening Cream

Hola! Experimenting with different whitening products even home made remedies is quite expensive. I am doing this for almost 6 months now to remove the dark spots made by panoxyl cream (not recommended coz it leaves permanent marks - trust me! I have proven it) and acne scars on my face made by my fucking dermatologist. I had tried several products already (Pomegranate of Pure Beauty, Collagen soap, Kojie san yellow and white soap, Kojie san collagen cream (dream white), olive oil w/ lemon, potato, facial wash w/ tea tree oil, baking soda, panoxyl cream 5%) so far none of these satisfied my face.

But since I do not give up easily I am now currently using the Kojie san lightening cream. It caught my attention when i read the label that it can remove the redness and can prevent the formation of dark spots. I been searching this product at the net but unfortunately no reviews yet, i had no choice but to use this  and  test this product personally. By the way my facial condition is oily to dry. I give this product a month, if this one works (hopefully) I will be gladly share my success to the world!!!

Just remember POSITIVITY will lead us to our goals/dreams!
the right cheek 
the left side
the forehead